Images d' ELLE: Portraits


Images d' ELLE: Portraits

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Le 16-11-03 01:15 alienatio mentis a écrit :

are you playing with yourself? your sexuality? what's the most important thing to play with? maybe your love! but is it love? is it just an image?tell me something about your music and i will tell you something about my love! tell me something about your image and i will show you the way i can leave without me everyday without finding a place called home!it's something wrong with the way we are looking at each other! is this monster that we call photography the way we can make peace with us? am i a fanatic of the images? yes i am! and i'm proud to be one! i don't belive in reality! i belive in nothing! nihilism as a photo! un petit nietzsche finding harmony in a dream...a noir desir! it's like killing myself everyday in front of the mirror. standing, watching me, watching at me in a photo...but, is it me? is it the otherone? is the otherone a part of me or a part of hell. au revoir

Le 14-04-05 18:34 Wild Wolf a écrit :

Merci ........c'est beau....

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